is a small, remote, independent software studio.

For as long as I can remember, we've always dreamed about having our own digital playground where we explore ideas to push software forward. Every client work we did at 3drops, reminded us about the possibilities and boundaries we could challenge if we had the chance. Explore beyond the frameworks that already existed and challenge the mindsets of today's software makers. We dreamed about a place where we could experiment with new ideas in an chaotic environment to bring new order to our work.10 years later, we are finally there.

OFC is a new software studio, creating simple tools for focused work. Our solutions, at a glance, may seem lightweight and simple, but they are all built by time-tested processes to create the results they are designed for. At OFC, we believe in growth through transparency, progress through constraints and innovation through experimentations. We  work daily to break the wall between the makers and users. We aim to share as much as of our processes, challenges, and experiments on our Twitter so we can all learn together through it all.

Farzad Ban
Founder / Designer
Griffith Chen
CEO / Engineer
Vivi Aistova
Andrei Muresan
Filip Wróblewski