A new kind of software studio.

Hey, this is Griffith.

Together with Farzad, we have been building a small handful of tools that make us happy - with Roadmap being the first of the bunch.

The intention has always been simple: have fun and make something that brings you joy, and hope that it brings others joy. Without this principle being the cornerstone of our work, we wouldn’t have been able to work together for such a long time, and from different parts of the world. When this all started, Farzad was in Sweden, while I was in Taiwan.

As a small team, we moved fast and learned as we went, navigating in an extremely competitive space populated by venture-backed companies. Looking back, we were very fortunate that we found our voice along the journey, and build our products on our terms. I’ve always been a believer of the UNIX philosophy - do one thing and do it well. Farzad calls it focus. Whatever it’s called, it’s the inspiration behind each of our products.

Roadmap is no exception. We built Roadmap after seeing what’s out there and realizing that none of them matched our expectations. Too much bloat and too little focus. It’s a slippery slope that we’ve seen many products traveled down and serves as a cautionary tale to the steps we take. Perhaps more importantly, we are constantly reminding ourselves of who we are and what we set out to do.

After years of working on Roadmap, we decided it was time to grow the team and work on something new using the experience we have acquired. We gave this venture structure and named it OFC, short for Order from Chaos, and immediately started building two products: Sincere and Slim.

Our ideas have always come from the friction we encounter in our work process. This is why we don’t consider the users of our products customers, but more like kindred spirits. And I can say from experience that our products have greatly benefitted from close communication with some of our most loyal users. We are extremely excited to pour our experience over the past years into Sincere, Slim, and everything that follows.

So much has changed in the past years, and so many lessons learned. Still, what set us on this journey remains our key motivator. We want to build things that make us happy, and people to experience that joy when they use our products. That is why, after all these years, we remain bootstrapped, and very excited for what’s to come. We can’t wait to share the journey with you.